Search Engine Optimisation

Building a site that is highly visible to search engines and ranks well in search results is our priority. From the initial stages, our websites are built following SEO best practice, and showing you how to create SEO-friendly content is part of our training process.

SEO From the Start

Many businesses fail to place enough emphasis on SEO when planning a new site or rebuild. It is easier to incorporate SEO into the design and development of your site from the beginning than it is to include it later. Our Website Design and Development process follows this practice, to ensure that we deliver a website that is optimised correctly for search.

Complete SEO Approach

Incorporating Design, Development, as well as your Online Marketing goals and technical expertise, we take a big picture approach to SEO to ensure every influential factor is considered. From site structure to link equity, social brand perception to anchor text, we incorporate the lot.

Keyword Research

We undertake thorough keyword research and look at Google search trends both nationally and internationally across devices. We use this data to make sure that your site can be identified as relevant by search engines, using the right keywords at the right time.

Online Brand Reputation

Beyond the rankings we look at how you rate online. How are you perceived and how does your online brand reputation stack up? Is anyone talking about you and what are they saying? We consider every factor, from ever-changing search algorithms to a change in season.

Sound daunting? We'll show you the many ways in which it's a great opportunity for growth, as not many businesses bother to do it right.

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