Website Analysis

What can we learn from your previous site to help us build a better a better one? What works, what doesn't?

Before building a new website or improving an old one, it’s a must to understand your future or existing user. What do they expect from you and your website? What are your current customers doing on your site and what does this mean?

Site Performance

We take a 3D look at your sites performance and your target markets habits to harness powerful information that will help us develop a site concept that works for you. Our focus from the very beginning is to develop an online solution that is successful for your business and meets your users and customers expectations.

Clear and Concise Decisions

With knowledge comes power and the ability to make clear and concise decisions. We use a range of helpful and insightful online tools such as Google Analytics, Open Site Explorer and SEOMoz to understand how your site is performing and what your users are doing once they get their.

We can also look at what your competitors are doing and how well they perform compared to you.

Market Research

If this is your first website, we focus our attention on your future target markets and try to get inside their heads. What websites do they like, how to they search for them online and how big is your potential online market.

Make informed decisions with the right information.