Who is Zuma?

Icon RocketZuma is a highly experienced, result-driven web design firm providing a range of web and graphic services. We endeavour to produce great results no matter what size the job is. We work hard to develop trust and build lasting relationships with our clients and partners, we love what we do and it shows. We have the experience and knowledge to reach to your audience, both new and existing.

We provide a range of services that include creative, technical and online marketing services, outstanding website design and development, branding and logo development, illustration, advertising and all facets of print design.

"A big advantage to having a small team is we can provide a high level of availability."

We don't have the burden of administration and management overheads and we work quickly and efficiently. We are cost effective, at the same time producing high quality and striking work. When additional expertise is needed we engage with a select community of experts in copy writing, photography and online marketing, allowing us to complement our services with a full studio range of services, removing the need for you to deal with multiple suppliers.

Phillip Rasmussen

Phillip Rasmussen


03 477 6699
021 387 988

Icon PhillipEntering the web development industry in 1996 has given Phillip a huge amount of perspective on the internet as it stands now. Many of the techniques and applications that are common place today were either not around or only just emerging in these formative years of the internet and his career. These pioneering years nurtured a necessitating culture of curiosity, problem solving and innovation.

Today he uses technologies that have iterated in many cases for over a decade. Needless to say, Phillip has a level of fluency and experience in his development tools and techniques that very few possess.

Rieke Lamb

Rieke Lamb


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021 194 4884

Her name is hard to pronounce, and the accent will keep you guessing at her origins. But here's what really matters: Rieke has done online marketing in a number of sectors, and seen it evolve into this vast ocean of "must-have" tools and "must-do" social platforms. Her experience gives her perspective - to know we need to really understand you and your business to find the solution YOU need to be successful online. Yes, it will look great! It'll also be easy to manage yourself (custom training comes with the deal). Rieke says a key element of being found online by the all-important search engine is to define your own "voice" and a marketing strategy that goes with it.

What else? Rieke's communication skills are decent. She gets a kick out of analysing online user stats. Oh, and her name is pronounced like the last two syllables in "Eureka".