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The new online presence of Roslyn Village Pharmacy

  • 17 Oct 2017

When content and images take centre stage

Andy and Amy Hou are Directors and owner-managers of Unichem Roslyn Pharmacy in Roslyn, Dunedin. For their new website, they wanted to focus on the strong points of their pharmacy: the history, the team of trained health professionals, their focus on community and the fact that they're locally owned and operated. So ZUMA highlighted the services and the people providing them, while giving Amy and Andy full control over the content, also incorporating their social media activities.

Collaborative process

Working closely with Amy and Andy, we developed the design and structure of the new site, giving images of the team and the pharmacy room to shine. Multiple distinctive elements allow for easy navigation to explore the many services the pharmacy offers. And we wrote the content too, with Andy's awesome communication style in mind. 

Have a looksy at the Pharmacy's live site! 

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