The Importance of Good Photography

  • 28 Mar 2013

Photography: the make or break of a website

Although it's often overlooked, photography is one of a website's most important components. Mediocre photos on a website instantly display a lack of care and quality. Wouldn't this imply that the rest of the website's content and services are substandard as well? Even if the site's content is of good value, a poor first impression is the quickest way to lose a potential client.

Use this list as a guideline for using photography on your website. No matter what size your budget is, photos are one of the most impactful elements on your site so don't scrimp.

Stock Photography

Use a Professional Photographer Wherever Possible

  • Theres a good chance using your iPhone can capture that great shoot. But a professional photographer really knows what they're doing and can bring it to another level
  • Ask your designer to recommend a photographer to suit your budget
  • Having custom-shot photos for your business is an investment in a unique asset 

Do Your Own Photography

  • while this option is a lot cheaper you mustn't sacrifice quality
  • only use a quality camera and always shoot in the highest quality resolution
  • utilise your designer and get the best out of your shots with some professional image editing

 Use Stock Photo Libraries

  • many good, well-priced photo libraries exist, even NZ ones, so use them if you're stuck
  • avoid generic or posed compositions
  • create your own unique images by having your designer combine photo library images

Some golden rules with photography

  • Don't use clichés such as business people shaking hands or a generic ethnic mix of people
  • Include people wherever possible - we relate to people emotionally in photos
  • Be ruthless with image quality - if it's not good enough don't use it!
  • Fewer strong photos are better than a multitude of substandard ones
  • Look at photographic trends: large images, macros and big faces make an impression

 If you have any questions about the photography on your site or feel it's time to freshen things up give us a call to discuss how we can help you.

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