ZUMA and Responsive Design

ZUMA and Responsive Design

Billy Browns to Responsive

When a client likes there current/old site as it is but needs to work on mobile devices. See how we took their circa 2009 designed site and created a stunning new responsive version without loosing it's charm and identity.
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Mobile Website and Responsive Design

Mobile Optimised Websites

By 2014, mobile traffic will overtake desktop traffic around the world. Is your website ready for mobile traffic? Zuma develop websites optimised for tablets and mobile using responsive design. We are experienced in producing sites using mobile web design best practice, ensuring a seamless transition of your brand from desktop to mobile viewing and functionality.

Responsive Design

A website created with Responsive Design will rearrange itself to fit the type of device used to view it. The same information is sent to the browser (whether it be a large desktop computer, and table or mobile phone), then the website itself will decide on the best format it should be viewed in.

Benefits of Responsive Design

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Google likes you. You are more likely to rank well in search results on a mobile or tablet if you have a site that displays correctly and your user will prefer it too. Google wants to send its users to a site that they can see. Google recommends responsive web design, meaning your responsive designed site will rank in search as well. Google prefers responsive design and will rewarding your site with better rankings if it is optimised.

You Will Save Money

Before responsive design was adopted, many companies had to create separate websites and templates for different devices. Responsive design means one website with one responsive template that responds to the screen resolution. It enables your website to fit into a screen of any size, keeping development time to a minimum.

Increase Conversion

Users are more likely to take action if they have a pleasant experience on your site. Having responsive design streamlines the interaction with mobile traffic meaning you won't lose conversions. You customers will be happy and will likely visit you again or recommend to a friend.

Do I need a website with responsive design?

The best place to start is by reviewing your website analytics. How much of your traffic is coming to your site by mobile or tablet? This is set to grow, but if you current mobile traffic is 20% or more then you should act now.

Making your site responsive now while it is still in its phase of infancy will help you get noticed.