Website Design

Zuma specialise in creating robust, creative, engaging and purposeful websites.

Great Design

Your first impression is the lasting one. We always aim to deliver a website which delivers results by putting considerable emphasis on front-end design. 

Content Management

FarCryMake sure you're website remains current now and in the future. Don't settle for a static website. Take control of you're content. Keep it fresh and current and in turn it will stay well listed with Google and keep your customers coming back again and again.

  • Control the content
  • Future proof yourself
  • Save your money

Trust in our Technology

Icon ColdfusionWe use Adobe Coldfusion as our server side technology, it's made and supported by Adobe, one of the largest and most trusted software houses in the world.

Custom Projects

For over 13 years we've be creating custom applications and enhancements for existing and new websites. Whether it be a simple enhancement, fix, styling tweak to a complete custom website. 


We're no fly-by-nighters. We've had a long history (since last century) of supplying and supporting web applications that include solutions for both websites, company intranets and integration with current and legacy technology.