Social Media Marketing

"Create conversations and harness the most powerful marketing tool of all; word of mouth"

Icon Social MediaNot only does social media breath life and personality into your online brand, it allows you to engage in and create online conversations. These conversations are essential if you want to standout from your competitors and get people talking.

Social Media is so much more than Facebook and Twitter. It is using a range of social tools to encourage discussions about you. It provides you with a new marketing platform in which you can communicate directly with your target market, and they can communicate directly back to you.

Where do I start?

We'll will work with you to establish your target market and work out where they exist online. The social space is enormous so the first step is to work out what approach will benefit you and your business the most.

From there it's about establishing what they want from you. What will interest them, what will get them talking, liking, sharing and commenting on? It's only then that we talk about strategy. No one knows your business better than you so we work along side you to help you become familiar with the social space and apply the strategy that we have designed together.

We look at the big picture.

Social Media is loaded with benefits for your own business that should not be underestimated.

  • Create a constant stream of user generated content for your website.
  • Establish and increase brand awareness
  • Increase loyalty and trust
  • Personalisation and demographics
  • Learn more about your market and improve your own website, products, advertising and marketing
  • Use a social media platform to direct traffic for your website
  • Increase the quality and quantity of the inbound links pointing to your website
  • Grow your customer database
  • Social media appears in search results, creating another path for your target market to find you online

So ask yourself the question, 
"What will get my target market talking"?