Billy Browns to Responsive

Friday, 12 December 2014

When a client likes there current/old site as it is but needs to work on mobile devices. See how we took their circa 2009 designed site and created a stunning new responsive version without loosing it's charm and identity.
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Farcry 7, There's a lot to like.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

We've recently started rolling out sites using the most recent version of Farcry and we're discovering there is a lot to like about it.
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SEO Basics

Friday, 20 September 2013

Search engine optimization is the implementation of improvements to your websites structure, content and design, and the execution of a link building strategy that could mean a higher ranking for your website in natural or organic search results.
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Farcry 7, There's a lot to like.

We've recently started rolling out sites using the most recent version of Farcry and we're discovering there is a lot to like about it.

New Admin Look

Probably the most obvious and dramatic changes it the very new contemporary look of the admin or in Farcyean terms, the 'webtop'. Gone is the antiquated left hand menu making way for a clean flat horizontal menuing system which makes it easier to traverse the content types on the site. The site tree has also had a major overhaul making it not only faster but also more intuitive and functional.


Above, the new look login page with easily configurable logo and background image.


Above, the customisable dashboard, giving a quick overview of recent events on the site and information about the site environment.


Above, the site tree gives a great birds eye view of the website structure.

The Image Library

I've alwasys liked the way Farcr handled images. It's now even better. The bulk uploader is now drag'n drop and the with the new clean interface you have a great view of the images you have while making it easy to add more.


The image Library default view.


Above, if you don't like the way and image has been cropped, no problem. Farcry makes it easy to recrop for that perfect shot.

Image Galleries

farcry-07-containers.jpg farcry-08-gallery-rule.jpg
 Image galleries can be created on any page. It's as wasy as turning on 'Rules' and selecting the 'Image Gallery'.  Then, hand pick the images you want from the library and click 'Done'.


The gallery is created complete with fancy roll over effects and popup enlargements. All images in the libary are available to be used for inteactive galleries.


This has been a only a scrapping of the surface of Farcry 7. 

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