Billy Browns to Responsive

Friday, 12 December 2014

When a client likes there current/old site as it is but needs to work on mobile devices. See how we took their circa 2009 designed site and created a stunning new responsive version without loosing it's charm and identity.
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Farcry 7, There's a lot to like.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

We've recently started rolling out sites using the most recent version of Farcry and we're discovering there is a lot to like about it.
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SEO Basics

Friday, 20 September 2013

Search engine optimization is the implementation of improvements to your websites structure, content and design, and the execution of a link building strategy that could mean a higher ranking for your website in natural or organic search results.
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Billy Browns to Responsive

When a client likes there current site as it is but understands the importance of accessibility of it working well with mobile devices, you have a few choices. Create a new site from scratch, add a mobile version or (in this case) make the current site responsive (one site that resizes for all devices).

We first built Billy Browns site back at the beginning of 2009. It’s a small site with a great little custom design. The rustic graphical element complement the physical reality of the actual lodge overlooking Otago Harbour. At the time, mobile devices were still in their infancy and there was no real sense of requirement spending the extra time (and money) creating a site catering for the small amount of pho9ne in the market.

What a difference five years makes. Most websites are now build with a mobile first policy and I can’t remember the last site we’d done that didn’t have a responsive framework in the background.

The client was very happy with the current design so we were tasked with;

  • Use the current content
  • Keep the unique, original look and feel
  • Update image galleries and maps to work well with the newer devices
  • and make it responsive

View the site:

Below is the original site (still looks good after all these years), and below that, the new responsive version.

Billy Browns, Circa 2009

Above, original Billy Browns website created in 2009.
Below, the new reponsive site, 2014.

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